Money Advice Service. Polling widgets.

As part of their content syndication effort. The partnerships team commissioned a polling widget. An external agency was hired to build the backend functionality.


The purpose of the polling widget was twofold. Encourage people to think about money related topics. And drive traffic to the Money Advice Service website.

A widget was to be displayed in place of advertisements on partner websites. Restricting the size of the widgets. They had to follow the IAB guidelines.

  • 300px wide x 250px high
  • 160px wide x 600px high
  • 120px wide x 300px high


A poll consisted of a single question. With 3 potential answers. As well as displaying the results of a poll. Dependent on the answer chosen by a user. A widget would display a link. Back to the relevant content on the Money Advice Service website.


Wireframe presented to the external agency to complete build

  • Layouts
  • Chart options
  • Options for displaying results
  • Example questions
  • Colour palette
Polling widgets. Various sizes. Question structure. Colour palette.