Money Advice Service. Email newsletter sign up.

Love it or loathe it. Designing an email newsletter signup generates debate. Stakeholders what to maximise sign ups. Designers want to provide a non intrusive experience. Making sign up as painless as possible.

Email newsletter sign up prototypes


If I produced prototypes of the more intrusive suggestions for the sign up. Presented them in the context of their intended use. Stakeholders would appreciate the need for a less intrusive solution.


4 prototypes

  • Desktop (above the fold)
  • Mobile (user triggered)
  • Desktop ¬†(sticky footer)
  • Mobile (sticky footer)


An instance of a prototype being worth a 1000 meetings. The prototypes highlighted the impracticality and intrusiveness of the proposed solutions. It was agreed to include the sign up at the end of an article within a page. An additional advantage of this approach was that it was less complicated to build into a responsive website.